Set default sorting for Kanban boards

by Brock Bland on June 06, 2018

SBM should add default sort field to Kanban board definitions.

  • Kanban boards are a great way to visualize and group information.  As with all the other view types their power is in tailoring presentation of SBM data so things are displayed just the way author wants them.  This includes sorting and ordering.

    Kanban boards have the ability to select how cards are sorted when viewing a board.  I would like to bring the sort concept into board definition like we do with reports so the board author can specifify the default order cards are presented in instead of always beginning with item ID.  

    A primary example would be Kanban board based on Backlogs.  I have boards that only use Backlog data feeds to organize content for a release.  I would love to set my default sort order to backlog priority in these cases.


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