Ability to reply to CC'ed users when using Email Recorder

by Nick Kelly on December 12, 2018

Request to add an option to send email submission replies to all email addresses included in a submission email and not only the sender.

  • Currently replies to email submissions are only sent to the submitter, and not any CC'ed email addresses. Please could an option be added to allow the auto-responses to Reply To All in addition to Reply to Sender.

    Our use case is that someone may send a request to the email submission mailbox and CC other people. At the moment the confirmation reply is just sent to the submitter (As set up in Application Administrator, Projects, Edit Mailbox, Response Options). There is an option "Use Confirmation Template" and this confirmation will be sent only to the submitter and not to all.

    If anyone CC'ed replies to the original email to provide an update, it will create a new ticket rather than updating the existing one.

    Could an option "Send Confirmation email to CC'ed email addresses" or "Reply To All" or something similar be added so that when an email request is received, everyone included in the email is sent the response confirmation email. This would include the TTID tag in the subject line, so everyone in the distribution list could reply to this email and have updates processed by the email recorder into the same ticket.

    This would also help as the CC'ed users would know that the email had been received and processed by SBM correctly.


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