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SDA/Deployment Automation
by Sam Wrankmore on March 06, 2017
New functionality to provide both a default and custom/override timeout value or all component and process steps.
by Gordan Mirkovic on November 10, 2016
Current privileges model in SBM is based on Owner (and Secondary owner), Submitter, Contact and Contact's company fields of an item (with last two used for view only, not...
Installing and Configuring Serena Release Control
Release Manager/Release Control
by Pedro da Silva Garcia on September 22, 2016
Hi,I'd like to place a enhancement request for RCL. In order to install and configure RCL to make it work there are a lot of manual...
SDA/Deployment Automation
by Chris Gibbons on May 17, 2016
In the event of a process failure, i receive an alert which stops the job at step 20 of 40, rather than restart the process from the begining once...
Serena Service Manager
by Kelly Schettley on March 09, 2016
As with Incidents and Problems, why not have the ability to submit a change from a Service Request? There are times a Service Request can lead to a need...
SDA/Deployment Automation
by Travis Wyrick on March 02, 2016
It is currently only possible to schedule processes via the GUI. This would be a great addition to the CLI.
SDA/Deployment Automation
by Sam Wrankmore on November 18, 2015
Application plugin - ability to run many components with a single step, sharing a common template process
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by Julie Elliott on November 03, 2015
Would like to see a Panel Option to display ERO release approvals. Currently the only way to see them is via the log.
Dimensions CM
by JOAO ANDRES DE BRITO VALLE on September 23, 2015
Dimensions does not check if a revision being actioned to last state (production) was retrieved (checked-out) from previous revision in production. So developers may use a deprecated revision and...
ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe
by JOHN BREX on July 08, 2015
i would like to have ZMF product changed to allow CHECKOUT of a component from Baseline if the component is in CHECKOUT status in package.
16 results - showing 1 - 10
1 2  

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