We are pleased to announce the general availability of Solutions Business Manager (SBM) 11.3! This minor release focuses on enhancements intended to improve user experience, ease administration, increase developer flexibility, and add support for the latest operating environments.

Primary features and benefits of Solutions Business Manager 11.3:

Folders and Quick Links: Previously supported only in User Workspace, folders and quick links are now available in Work Center enabling users to organize and quickly retrieve items, forms, views, reports, and Web pages. In addition, folders can be kept private or shared with other users.

External Communication: To increase interaction, external (non-SBM) users can now submit items via e-mail. In addition, an SBM user can send an e-mail to an external user and the E-mail Recorder will process that user's reply. Finally, new e-mail templates are available for sending e-mail messages to non-SBM users.

Kanban Board View Improvements: Users can now create a Kanban Board view and add accepted items from a Backlog view. Additionally, decision points can now drive transitions through the Kanban Board. Users can now also sort cards based on system fields or backlog priority if a backlog view is added.

Calendar View Improvements: Users can now create calendar views that display events from third-party applications that expose JSON/REST services. Users can also export calendar events to an ICS file, which they can import into an external calendar application such as Outlook.

SBM System Analytics: Real-Time Monitoring and Run-Time Statistics are now available for SBM. With Real-Time Monitoring, you can view the status of runtime resources or a summary of monitored properties. SBM can also alert you when values exceed a configured threshold. With Run-Time Statistics, you can run reports to track usage for applications and orchestrations, plus view and analyze statistics on report execution and usage by end users.

New Scripting Engine: Programmers can now use SBM ModScript to implement custom features in on-premise SBM installations and in SBM on-demand. This newly revitalized scripting will eventually replace AppScript.

Reusable Orchestrations: You can now define subroutines and call them from multiple orchestration workflows. Subroutines can contain any orchestration elements, such as the Calculate step, and are useful when your orchestrations contain common actions.

Offline Mobile: The SBM Mobile client now supports submission and transition of items while offline (without Wi-Fi or cellular connection). Once you reconnect to the SBM server, the transactions are performed.

Support for the Latest Operating Environments: SBM 11.3 includes support for Oracle 12cR2 and Tomcat 8.5.

Over 170 Customer-Reported Issues Fixed

To see and hear more about SBM 11.3, please join us for the What’s New in Solutions Business Manager 11.3 live webinar:

Date: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
Time: 7 AM PDT
Register here
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    Tuesday, June 27 2017, 03:16 PM - #Permalink
    Thank you to everyone who attended the What's New in SBM 11.3 webcast! A recording of the webinar is now available. I've also attached the presentation itself to this message.

    We hope we presented a good overview of SBM 11.3 in the telecast and hope you enjoy the new capabilities!
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    hellen jos
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    Thursday, November 02 2017, 12:11 AM - #Permalink
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