Is there a mean to prevent e-mail submit when Mailbox E-mail Address is not in To attribute ?
Use case :
A user send an e-mail to Mailbox E-mail Address and an other person in CC or BCC. The ticket is created as expected.
The person in CC make a Reply All --> a new ticket is created.
Can we fixe this in a specific setting ?


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    Thursday, October 12 2017, 11:14 AM - #Permalink
    When the user clicks Reply All...isn't the email submit address put in the To field? Other than training the users not to do that I don't see how the email submit would know this wasn't just another email.

    Unless you can think of a way to make a mailbox rule that filtered these types of emails so they never even make it to the Inbox I don't know of a way to keep SBM from doing it.
    • Olivier Cognye
      more than a month ago
      Hi Brian,
      Thank you for your quick answer.
      In fact my problem is when Mailbox E-mail Address is set in CC or BCC, In these cases I don't want to create a ticket.
      In the sbm mailbox config, is it possible to fix something in order to generate ticket only when the Mailbox E-mail Address is in the "To" recipient and Not the "CC" or "BCC" recipient. I only want to create my ticket when Mailbox E-mail Address is in the "To" recipient.

      Best Regardsm

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