Hi I have faced a problem on this issue
let say a Multiple User field with value ,50,1,25,6,

I want it to be displayed in the ordering that is the same as the input sequence by the user

But I found it the System engine will sort it.

Any idea to bypass the system engine sorting?

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    Friday, October 06 2017, 10:18 AM - #Permalink

    If I understand what you're asking for I'll paraphrase. You have a multi user field on a form with A User, B User, C User. When someone fills out the form they choose C User, A User, B User and submit. When the form is displayed it shows in a different order than they selected ( alphabetical ) but you would like it to hold the order they picked is that right?

    I can't think of a way to do that out of the box and you might submit this as an idea ( enhancement ) but there may be others in the community that have come up with some custom code to do it.
    • Derek Lauw
      more than a month ago
      Yes, you get it right.

      Hm.... Maybe it can be an idea for enhancment, not so sure about it.
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