ID Search Results Ordering

by Lisa Carver on June 15, 2017

Allow the ability to change the sort order of in built searches, particularly ID Search

  • If you have item ids which contain numerical and alphabetical values the sort order of results can be rather misleading.

    When using an 'ID Search' that specifies a trailing '*' wildcard, the results are currently listed in alphabetical order (e.g. for CSWT/MPC/1038*, the results appear in the order CSWT/MPC/1038v1, CSWT/MPC/1038v10, CSWT/MPC/1038v10a,CSWT/MPC/1038v11, ... CSWT/MPC/1038v19a, CSWT/MPC/1038v1a, etc.), which is not particularly helpful as we would like to be able to sort by alpha and numerical values.

    Can the sort order of the ID Search be changeable so that it allows secondary ordering?


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