We currently have some morning reports delivered listing upcoming changes scheduled for the three different change types. In SBM (11.3) each of the change types would be an individual report; however, the query used in the tool we currently use is capable of displaying a single report with a page break between each 'reports'.
Within SBM I can schedule each of the three reports individually as a PDF, and it looks great; however, I cannot combine all three to appear as one PDF document as our outside tool allows.
When I make a dashboard to display each report in the sequence I desire, the scheduled report will attach three separate Excel files. I was able to have it deliver the three attachments as PDF once, but changing only the time of the scheduled delivery and adding one more submission that would appear on one of the reports seems to have broken the multiple PDF option, so now it only sends with the excel files.

I am curious if any of you have attempted combining multiple (separate) reports as PDF to have set on a scheduled delivery within SBM, and how you may have accomplished this.

Thank you in advance!

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