Jennifer S
Jennifer S
Hello, we have Serena version manager v. On one user's system, when trying to open a Project database, he throws the following error:


Everyone else in the office can add the project just fine. I have attached a screenshot of the details.

Please advise as to how this can be remedied.


Accepted Answer

Wednesday, June 14 2017, 06:09 PM - #Permalink
Hello Jennifer,

It appears that this project database has some corruption. The easiest way to solve this issue might be to delete and subsequently re-add the user. Doing so will (only) result in a loss of private workspace settings for this user, if any exist. Be sure to close the Admin -> Security dialog between deleting and adding the user, or Version Manager may conclude it has nothing to do.

If this process does not help, or if you prefer an alternate solution, run the command:
pcli scanpdb -pr"ProjectDatabasePath" -id"AdminID:Password" -v > scanpdb.txt 2>&1

and send us a copy of the file scanpdb.txt. You may want to do this through a support incident.

With kind regards,

- Richard.
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