Technology Acquisition Process
by Erika Marwood on April 28, 2017
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Process template to map, track and enforce new technology acquisitions.   There is a good portion of the process that provides visibility into the status of and RFP/RFI process.  It allows you to list vendors and then select the winning vendor.  The Vendor list is just a shell of a workflow in the template.  However, you could use that to build out the process for attaching the RFP/RFI response from that vendor and comments and scoring during your vendor analysis.

  • The attached process application was built in SBM 11.2.  I have taken advantage of a couple of newer features:

    1. File attachment fields
    2. Modern forms
    3. Relational Grids with selected items

    For successful deployment, you will want to ensure that you are either defaulting or allowing users to select the appropriate owners as the request moves through the process.  There is a dependency defined between the Primary Domain selection list and the Technology Steward and Back-Up Tech Steward.  You will want to populate those values in the Application Administrator to enable the auto selections.

    Like any other SBM application, feel free to use this as a launching point and make it your own.


    Here is a link to a short recording of the application in action.  Tech Acquisition Process App

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